The Wide Leg Pant

2.4.2017 Red Green 4

These 1970's wide leg pants belonged to my mum, and now they are mine! I paired this with a 1950's cropped zip-up knit cardigan, a modern basic tank and platform leather shoes. 

2.4.2017 Red Green 6 2.4.2017 Red Green 9 

2.4.2017 Red Green 2

 I've been doing some additional blogging on the Heirloomen Vintage shop site. Unfortunately, the Google search-ability for Shopify blogs is pretty poor compared to Blogger. I will have to double up and post some articles here, so vintage enthusiasts and readers can find them.

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Heirloomen Boutique - Authentic Vintage Clothing

We're so excited to introduce Heirloomen, a vintage boutique featuring authentic antique and vintage clothing, carefully curated and sourced for quality and wearbility.

Authentic true vintage dresses and clothing
A re-brand was in order. Sticky Lipgloss Vintage was started when I was in college, as I sourced through thrift stores and family members and focused on what I would call more contemporary vintage. Heirloomen focuses on the romantic and feminine aesthetic of periods from 1900's through the early 1960's with special pieces from later eras, as well. We gather our collections from sources all over the U.S, looking for rare and beautiful finds for you.

True vintage is a special niche. I wanted to create a stand-alone website that captured to mode of shop. I am still selling some pieces on Etsy, but Heirloomen.com will feature free shipping and better images, as well as blog content and styling inspiration

1940's floral robe dress
1940's Yellow and Pink Floral Robe Dress
1910 white cotton top
1910's White Lawn Blouse
Black Beach Dress
1940's Weekender Dress
30's Silk Chiffon Dress
1930's Aloise Silk Chiffon Dress

Customers can shop by category or by size, and the in-site serach function is full functional if you are looking for something specific. We offer a variety of sizes from XS-XXL and are proud to carry rare sizing in various categories. Take some time to browse though the Heirloomen Vintage shop, you will probably find something you just have to have. Oh, and shipping is free!

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Vintage Styling: Goth Girl Vibes

6MarchLook5    6MarchLook7
6MarchLook9 6MarchLook2   6MarchLook4

Channeling my 90's goth girl look here. Ironically - no pieces are from the 90's. All black, dark lips, strappy shoes, a few textures, and great angles. This 1950's peplum top is available in the Etsy shop. It is so versatile, can be dressed up or down and a great neckline for jewelry (I chose some big earrings).

1950's black eyelet knit peplum blouse by Sticky Lipgloss Vintage [available here]
Modern slick black pants [Topshop]
Modern black platoform peeps [H&M]
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Vintage Styling: Blues and Brushstroke Prints

7MarchLook2 7MarchLook4 7MarchLook3 7MarchLook6 7MarchLook7 7MarchLook8
Outfit of the Day
1960's blue satin watercolor skirt // vintage
Deep cut blue leotard // American Apparel
Blue patent leather stilletos // Christian Louboutin
1970's heart pendant necklace // vintage
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Vintage Styling: The Timeless Edwardian Blouse

5FebLook2 5FebLook4 5FebLook3 5FebLook5

There are many ways to wear antique pieces with more modern pairings, especially cotton and crochet Edwardian camisoles and blouses. The detail on this blouse is eye catching, due to the craftsmanship of the texture unseen in most garments today, yet it is a class and simple wardrobe staple. Certainly beautiful! 

1910's White Edwardian Blouse // in the shop [here]
1980's Black Pencil Skirt // in the shop [here]
1960's Black Hat // personal collection
Modern Joan and David Boots // personal collection

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Vintage Styling: Preppy in the 1970's

4FebLook11      4FebLook4
  4FebLook7 4FebLook5

It's still winter but we've been getting a few nice days. Cute knit sweaters and whites are perfect for the coming months. White isn't just for summer anymore.

1970's blue and white nautical striped sweater (in the shop soon!)
1960's white shoulder bag
1970's eyelet white leather shoes (in the shop soon!) 
modern tan pants from TopShop

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Lookbook Collection Winter 2016: Ruffles and Platforms

3JanLook4         3JanLook6
3JanLook2      3JanLook7 3JanLook8

This weekend's latest look. Digging a lot of black lately and dark lipsticks. This ivory oversized ruffled blouse pairs well with sleek lines and skinny pants. Platform shoes for some additional height!

1980's black brim hat
1980's ruffled ivory blouse (in the shop soon!)
modern platform shoes and skinny pants
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Lookbook Collection Winter 2016: Snow Day

1JanLook1.2 1JanLook2.2 1JanLook3 1JanLook4 1JanLook5 1JanLook6.2
Pieces in this look are available or will be available through our latest collection on the Sticky Lipgloss Vintage Etsy shop. Little dog is not for sale. Hehe.

30's Peach Ruffled Blouse by Sticky Lipgloss Vintage [buy here]
80's Black Skirt by Sticky Lipgloss Vintage [buy here]
50's Black and Brown Fur Hat - Coming soon!
1970's Black and Brown Boho Coat - Coming soon!

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