Lookbook Collection Winter 2016: Ruffles and Platforms

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This weekend's latest look. Digging a lot of black lately and dark lipsticks. This ivory oversized ruffled blouse pairs well with sleek lines and skinny pants. Platform shoes for some additional height!

1980's black brim hat
1980's ruffled ivory blouse (in the shop soon!)
modern platform shoes and skinny pants
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Lookbook Collection Winter 2016: Snow Day

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Pieces in this look are available or will be available through our latest collection on the Sticky Lipgloss Vintage Etsy shop. Little dog is not for sale. Hehe.

30's Peach Ruffled Blouse by Sticky Lipgloss Vintage [buy here]
80's Black Skirt by Sticky Lipgloss Vintage [buy here]
50's Black and Brown Fur Hat - Coming soon!
1970's Black and Brown Boho Coat - Coming soon!

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New Shop Arrivals

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Lots of new arrivals in our Sticky Lipgloss Vintage Etsy shop. Lots of full dresses from the 60's, 1930's velvet opera coat, spring green long gown, white lace wedding dress, tapestry bag, boho crochet shawl, black pedal pushers and much more. Click the link to see the entire shop, view other pictures, sizes, and prices.

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Photo Retouching - A Century Long Dilemma

There's been some buzz going around the internet about a surfaced before and after portrait of the vintage starlet, Joan Crawford. It was taken in 1931,  Joan was 26. The retouched photo is completely smoothed over, every single line and wrinkle is removed, and her eyebrows and makeup are darkened.

With all the chatter about the overuse of Photoshop in the fashion and glamor industry, it makes you wonder - have women been being tricked into chasing after the beauty standards of Hollywood for an entire century, beauty standards that don't even exist? In the 1930's, you can imagine how little the public knew about the retouching of the photographs they saw. At least today, we have the internet to show us the before and after versions. So how did they do it before computers and digital programs to remove wrinkles and bad shadows? It was all done manually, in the darkroom, on the actual film or while transferring the image from the negative. It was common for photo artists to add in the touches with fine brushes and special inks and paints.

Most of the facial smoothing in the Joan Crawford picture was achieved through dodging and burning - the process of allowing more or less light to certain areas of the image while the negative is being projected to the photo paper. This allows some of the hard facial lines and shadows to be lightened up. It's a very time consuming and difficult task, taking hours in the darkroom to perfect one photograph. You will notice in present day Photoshop, there is dodge and burn tool named after this antiquated, manual technique.




So, yes, most of your favorite vintage celebrities with their flawless, milky skin, and big, glossy eyes, we're probably not as perfect as you think. But the glamor of old Hollywood still far outshines modern celebrity culture, in my eyes, retouched crows feet or not.

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The Lost Art of the Fancy Apron

Think back to the 1950's - women spent most of their time at home, caring for their husbands and children. Basic appliances and ready-made food were just being introduced. Dinner parties, church bake clubs, and family meal time were the social functions that brought people together. No doubt, in those times, it was important to look good while getting that roast in the oven. Fancy aprons were not only collected and worn, but also made by hand. The variety and craftiness of these aprons is astonishing. Unfortunately, as the years have passed, this accessory has faded into an essential piece of kitchenware to keep flour off of our clothes.
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I074 close
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These are a few of the aprons I have listed in the shop. Relatively novice sewers can buy and complete a basic vintage pattern like the one below. They are somewhat easy to make, and a good place to start for someone learning to sew. They also make fun and personal gifts for anyone learning to bake.
See all the vintage aprons I have in the shop here. Happy baking!
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Happy New Year


Here's to a happy and healthy 2015. Looking forward to what the next year has in store. January will be full of great shop updates and new items, I couldn't be more excited.

Note that any orders purchased from December 24th-January 4th will ship out on January 5th with expedited delivery. I have been home, enjoying time with my loved ones.

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Winter Shop Updates

Newly added winter items: Coats, hats, wool skirts and more. All in the shop, now.

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