sticky lipgloss vintage :: december shop update

A109 Main

C203 Main

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A100 main copy

I041 main

I haven't been blogging in the past year, I would like to get back into it. Sticky Lipgloss Vintage is completely revamped with many new items. Buy yourself something nice for the holiday, perhaps a warm coat. All items listed here.


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sticky lipgloss vintage :: new this week

A067 Main

I023 Main

I027 mainI024 Main

D013 Main

C125 main jacket1A066 Main

C121 main

All these items, plus more, will be up in the shop by the end of the week.

I've been busy trying to find an apartment. Turns out I'm really picky.. I blame that on going to an art and design school, as well as Pinterest. It also turns out that Pittsburgh rental properties still think it's 1988, with wall to wall carpet, no natural light, and mirror-lined walls. I didn't get a college degree and a good job to have windows the size of a cat, nor do I want to see a reflection of my ass at all waking hours of the day. Mirror paneled walls are for strip clubs, end of story. I feel like by the time I find the perfect place, I'll be ready to relocate.

Happy Monday!

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redesigned ▸ new tags and business cards


I spent some time this weekend designing new tags and business cards for my shop, mostly because many people have been asking me at my new job, and I've had nothing of quality to provide them with. The cards look great in person, much better than they do against the white background here on my blog, but you get the idea. Hope everyone had a great, and productive weekend, as well!

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Inside My Vintage Jewelry Box





Here are some photos of my extensive vintage jewelry collection. While most of the pieces I have are just costume jewelry, they're still elegant, timeless and mix well with modern fashion. Long pendant necklaces from the 70's, particularly animal shapes, are my favorite. I also love anything obnoxiously sparkly, like mid-century aurora borealis beads and crystal tennis bracelets. Shop my vintage jewelry box in the jewelry section of Sticky Lipgloss Vintage.

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Fresh Vintage Listed This Week

Pretty new items added to the shop, amongst many others ▸ ▸ ▸ stickylipglossvintage.com

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My Life in Instagram


I've been totally obsessed with the Instagram photo app for iPhone for months now. Thought I'd share with you a collage of my favorites over the past half a year or so. If you use it, make sure to follow me @stckylipvintage!

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Piles and Piles of Vintage Finds!




I've been finding some fabulous vintage in the past recent weeks. I love unearthing vintage from unique locations near and far. There are boxes full of clothing in my living room, as I go through them one by one to clean, sew, and bring back to life for the store (or myself, if they fit!). I've got tons of new items and really exciting ones at that, I'll try to post more pictures later this week. I've also been adding a few new items to the shop today, and last week. A grand sneak peek of some awesome things to come will be posted soon, I promise.

As for me, I was in Boston over the weekend with my boyfriend for his Godson's 1st Birthday party. And while I got no vintage there, I had plenty of fun wearing it. After all, that's why we love it. Hope you had a great weekend

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Climbing Trees in Vintage Pinks


top :: 80's vintage sweater
bottom :: thrifted jean shorts
shoes :: metallic silver flats from Spain
bracelets :: faux pearls from Forever21

We had such a beautiful day today, I had to go outside and see if I could still climb the tree in the backyard. I could, kind of. In other news, I spent the weekend in New York visiting the boyfriend and boating on the Finger Lakes. While there, I was able to get some new vintage items for the store. Hopefully they will be in stock by early next week. In the meantime, I'm going to eat some more ice cream and watch The Nanny until I fall asleep on my dog.

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