Piles and Piles of Vintage Finds!




I've been finding some fabulous vintage in the past recent weeks. I love unearthing vintage from unique locations near and far. There are boxes full of clothing in my living room, as I go through them one by one to clean, sew, and bring back to life for the store (or myself, if they fit!). I've got tons of new items and really exciting ones at that, I'll try to post more pictures later this week. I've also been adding a few new items to the shop today, and last week. A grand sneak peek of some awesome things to come will be posted soon, I promise.

As for me, I was in Boston over the weekend with my boyfriend for his Godson's 1st Birthday party. And while I got no vintage there, I had plenty of fun wearing it. After all, that's why we love it. Hope you had a great weekend

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Josie said...

I love that cute little pink dress! I can't wait to see more, Courtney!
xo Josie

Storm. Kat Storm. said...

I agree with Josie, I love the little dress! SO ADORBES!

My Stylish Muse said...

Wow - love all of your vintage finds - the fabrics look amazing!

Just lovely....


Clara Turbay said...

great choices... nice colors.


SadieBess said...

I love having tons of great finds to work on!


Anonymous said...

so cute


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Fantastic..it look great!