Inside My Vintage Jewelry Box





Here are some photos of my extensive vintage jewelry collection. While most of the pieces I have are just costume jewelry, they're still elegant, timeless and mix well with modern fashion. Long pendant necklaces from the 70's, particularly animal shapes, are my favorite. I also love anything obnoxiously sparkly, like mid-century aurora borealis beads and crystal tennis bracelets. Shop my vintage jewelry box in the jewelry section of Sticky Lipgloss Vintage.

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J said...

I love the huge heart.

vintage brooches said...

Great collection, I also love that huge heart! beautiful!

Unknown said...

Those jewelry look lovely! Where did you get all those? I'm sure you got a pretty good return of investment if you sold all of these. Vintage jewelry are expensive, but despite its price, a lot of people still opt to buy them instead of modern ones.
Lorita Littleton @ D & M Estate Buyers