The Lost Art of the Fancy Apron

Think back to the 1950's - women spent most of their time at home, caring for their husbands and children. Basic appliances and ready-made food were just being introduced. Dinner parties, church bake clubs, and family meal time were the social functions that brought people together. No doubt, in those times, it was important to look good while getting that roast in the oven. Fancy aprons were not only collected and worn, but also made by hand. The variety and craftiness of these aprons is astonishing. Unfortunately, as the years have passed, this accessory has faded into an essential piece of kitchenware to keep flour off of our clothes.
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These are a few of the aprons I have listed in the shop. Relatively novice sewers can buy and complete a basic vintage pattern like the one below. They are somewhat easy to make, and a good place to start for someone learning to sew. They also make fun and personal gifts for anyone learning to bake.
See all the vintage aprons I have in the shop here. Happy baking!
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