Pretty New Workspace & Vintage Galore

I've finally completed my move to Pennsylvania and am working with a brand new studio space to work, photograph and store my beautiful vintage pieces for the shop. Also, I have a TON of amazing items to list within the coming weeks. In the past few days I have been busily working to re-photograph every piece against the new gray studio wall, but getting organized is keeping me occupied as well!

In my new workspace, I finally have loads of shelves, racks, and cabinets instead of storing hats, clothes and bags in plastic tubs and containers. It is nice not only for storage, but I love admiring displayed pieces, as they inspire and motivate me, creatively.

Other than working on the store, I have made time for some local adventures. I visited the Mattress Factory Museum of installation art in Pittsburgh, two weeks ago. There were a lot of cool exhibits, and some that were even too far out for this art major to fully understand. I still need to get to the Andy Warhol and the Carnegie Museum of Art, though. I'd also like to to make another trip out to Philadelphia, and NYC for an art excursion while visiting friends there. I love visiting other cities in the U.S. and I would love to do more traveling within the country.

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the Tsaritsa said...

It really is nice to have your pretty things on display, rather than packed in a box.

Josie said...

I'm so glad you're back, Courtney! So excited to see what you bring to us!
xo Josie

Storm. Kat Storm. said...


Pa is closer than NY! lol

I am jealous of all your space, as I have none.