Summer, Flowers, and Enjoying Life


Flowers, flowers, flowers! Summer is so pretty. I love having all the windows open and listening to the birds chirp while I work away on whatever my latest project is. I think I need to get out of summer vacation mode, and start getting up earlier though. I need to run a couple miles before it gets too hot, and start being productive well before lunch. Sometimes being a night owl is very frustrating. 

I took a weekend trip back up to New York to visit my boyfriend. We lucked out and had great weather the whole time which allowed us to eat lunch at a sidewalk cafe, go to the pool, see a drive-in movie, and run a few miles together. It was a nice time. OH. And he had a surprise waiting for me when I got there. Two tickets to Vegas, next weekend! I couldn't be more excited, for I have never been there, and despite not even knowing how to gamble, I'm sure I will love it.

I also added a few new items to the shop today, and hopefully there will be some more up by the end of the week. Take a look!

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Josie said...

Isn't summer just the best? And I can't WAIT to hear about all of yoru Vegas adventures!
xo Josie

Storm. Kat Storm. said...

Gorgeous photos! I love summer, too!